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Tiny Triumphs Add Up To Satisfying Successes,
Including Spectacular Success

People triumph over tragedy by creating tiny triumphs that together overcome the tragedy. Paula Kramer triumphed over six tragedies. Through her writing, speaking, greeting cards, posters, and documentary, Paula uses what she learned from triumphing over tragedy to help other people create the personal and professional triumphs that add up to a variety of satisfying successes, including spectacular success.

To help you create the tiny triumphs that can add up to become all kinds of success, Paula offers serendipitous success seeds (free PDF downloads) with:

Information for both personal and professional success

Information from Paula’s of research, observations, and experiences




Paula Kramer writes two alternating blogs.

Speaking From Triumph Blog includes categories for chapters from books she is writing, plus observations about a wide variety of topics based on her research into many different topics.

Smiles Spark Success Blog will provide examples for the 7 successes, 7 failures, and soured success.

Paula is adding back blog posts published before she transferred web hosts. When all of those post are republished, Paula will go back to writing new posts.


Satisfying Needs & Passions Also Creates Success

For more ways to create success in your life visit:


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tiny triumphs and satisfying successes
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To help other people find the triumphs and successes that would be most meaningful to them, use the following example for the headings of your stories.

My Tiny Triumph

Discovering the healing power of apple cider vinegar

My Satisfying Success

Using apple cider vinegar to ease the pain of a second degree burn in minutes

My Story

I foolishly put a plastic cup of honey in the microwave to warm it. The bottom of the cup melted from the heat. When I took the cup out of the microwave, the honey poured out of the bottom of the cup over the back of my fingers.

I rinsed my hand off, then filled the fingers of a rubber glove with apple cider vinegar. After putting my burned hand into the glove, I wrapped a rubber band around my wrist to keep the glove secure. The pain was intense until the vinegar covered my fingers. From that moment on, I felt no pain at all.

Just to be sure, I kept my hand in the glove for two hours. I felt no pain when I took the glove off. To ensure continued healing, I soaked my fingers in apple cider vinegar everyday for 30 minutes. My fingers developed half-inch high blisters, but I still felt no pain.

Once the blisters disappeared, the skin stayed red for weeks. Now there is no evidence my hand ever had that kind of burn.

Ending the pain quickly after that kind of burn was very satisfying.


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