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As founder of Better Planet Business, I donate a percentage of my sales to charities. I had planned to list four big charities with good reputations to give my customers a choice in where the donations from their orders went. I discovered that some of those big charities with good reputations say “No” to donations for two reasons. First, they say “No” if the money is not from the “right” donors. Second, they say “No” to protect contracts they already have with similar businesses. The people these charities are helping get less help than they could because the charities are saying “No” to donations. I was disillusioned.

Because I want to donate money to charities, I decided to make minimum $100 donations to charities started by ordinary people. Read enough magazines and you will find numerous examples of ordinary people who see a problem and find a solution. They start charities to put their solutions into action. These ordinary people are the best & brightest people in our world.

I have been collecting examples of ordinary people taking best & brightest actions for years for my books and blog posts. There are too many ordinary people taking best & brightest actions to list just four charities for you to choose from. Instead, I list charity categories (health, children, homelessness, veterans, etc.). I have alphabetized lists of the charities under each category. Customers will be able to choose the category of charity they want to support. I will keep track of orders earmarked for each charity category. When I reach the $100 minimum donation for each category, I will donate it to the next best & brightest charity on the alphabetical list.

As I discover more best & brightest people solving problems, I will create a second alphabetical list. After I finish donating money to each charity category on the first list, I will donate money to the each charity category on the second list. And so on.

As I find new charities for more and more lists, the number of charity categories may increase. It all depends on what I find in my searches for best & brightest charities.

After making a donation, I will list each charity on this page and on the appropriate directory listing at Each listing will include a link to the charity’s website. Each best & brightest charity will receive both a donation from me and visibility on two websites. That visibility could lead to more donations from website visitors.

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The free S&H is my thank you for helping me to help others.

Thank you.


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