Paula Kramer’s books will be available as both printed books and some form of downloadable book. Many of the books will also have free PDF downloads of worksheets. Print copies of the worksheets will also be available for purchase.

All of these books are partly to mostly written. Everything takes longer when health problems interrupt normal life. She will finish the books as she is able to.

Paula writes blog posts about subjects related to her books at:


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Books in Various Stages of Completion

From Pyramids to Circles: Shaping Groups To Succeed

Success & Relationship Keys: Opening Doors To Personal & Professional Success

The Baby In My Dream Was Me: Following The Clues Of My Life & Finding My Mother’s Attempts to Kill Me

Gossip Power:  The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

See the definitions of good, bad, and ugly gossip on the Gossip page.


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