Voices of the 21st Century: Resilient Women Who Rise and Make a Difference
Paula M. Kramer, Co-Author

All of the books listed below are partly to mostly written. Everything takes longer when health problems interrupt normal life. She will finish the books as she is able to.

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Note From Paula

I’ve been working on these books for decades. A number of people think I should have finished them already. None of those people have lived a single second of my life. None of them think about the life circumstances that subtract time from my writing.

PTSD anxieties and terrors subtract time from writing. Sleepless nights especially subtract time from my writing.

Pain subtracts time from my writing. I spend about two hours a day doing exercises and stretches to ease my back and hip pain. Every soaking bath I’ve had to take so I could sleep through the night subtracted time from my writing. I don’t take painkillers because they upset my stomach. Exchanging one pain for another pain accomplishes nothing. Besides, painkillers couldn’t move my pelvis back into place or stop my hips from shifting out of place.

Poverty subtracts time from my writing. Thousands of articles I collected as research are in boxes because I could not afford the file cabinets and files for organizing them.

Jobs that make my pain worse subtract time from my writing. When my pain is worse I need to spend more time coping with it. All normal activities take longer because of the pain.

Hip pain that makes sleeping difficult subtracts time from my writing. For a number of months, I could sleep only in a low V shape on a short couch. I had to prop my head on one arm of the couch and my feet on the other arm of the couch, lying on my back. Sleeping any other way was impossible until a friend told me about zero gravity chairs. At first I slept in the zero gravity chair every night. Then I started alternating between the chair and my bed. I needed months to work my way back to sleeping in a bed every night, on my side. My bed is a custom made wooden platform. I sleep on only about an inch of padding. Anything softer would shift my hips out of place.

Years of caring for my grandchildren while my daughter coped with a difficult health problem subtracted time from my writing.

Forced failure subtracts time from my writing. I had sleepless nights worrying about a split trunk hollow tree falling across the road and killing people, including children. It could have killed me, as well. You can read about the failures forced on me at the bottom of the Tragedies & Triumphs  page.

I will eventually finish my books, but I will finish them within the context of my life.


Books in Various Stages of Completion

From Pyramids to Circles: Shaping Groups To Succeed (In revision)

Opening Doors To Personal & Professional Success: Moments Of Dignity & Moments Of Passion

The Baby In My Dream Was Me: Following The Clues Of My Life & Finding My Mother’s Attempts to Murder Me

Gossip Power:  Good, Bad, & Ugly

Develop Your Psychic Skills For Fun, Profit, & Protection (In revision)

Profit is what makes your life better. The greatest profit of Paula’s life
was getting the correct diagnosis for her spinal injury. She obeyed a
spirit voice and the correct diagnosis came to her from an audience
member for one of her talks.

See the definitions of good, bad, and ugly gossip on the Gossip page.


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