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Paula is changing her workshop access to make taking the workshops easier.

By March Paula will have a website set up for self-study.

Paula is working to become certified as a nursing CE provider.

Paula’s new website will have options for the general public and for nurses.

Until the new website is set up, you can contact Paula to set up a Zoom session at your convenience. After you and Paula agree on a date and time, Paula will send you a Paypal invoice to be paid before the date of the Zoom session.


Mindset Readings & Online Workshops

End Negative Workplace Gossip With Simple & Effective Strategies

Bad and ugly gossip are based on stereotypes. Read the Stereotypes category at Paula’s blog so you know how other people stereotype you. Scroll through all of the posts so you can find all of the stereotypes about you.

Your Rock Star Mindset For Using Gossip Power
4 pages

During the workshop you will discuss experiences of good, bad, and ugly gossip in your own life.

Paula will also introduce the idea of gossip ears —
using what you hear to advance your career through positive networking.

Paula’s gossip door and gossip ears networking strategies are in the guides at Gossip Door Strategy Rock Stars.

Paula adds examples as she comes across them.

Paula adds new strategies as she creates them or comes across them.

Break Glass Ceilings & Reduce Workplace Violence With Satisfying Moments

Use the Quick Looks at to identify your:

DISC behavior style blend

Spranger guiding value blend

The mindset reading explains the Wonder Woman connection to DISC behavior styles. Identifying your High DISC behavior style and First Spranger guiding value will help you follow Wonder Woman’s rock star example.

Your Rock Star Mindset For Breaking Glass Ceilings

6 pages of reading, 3 pages of resources

If you are taking this workshop, follow the directions at the beginning of the reading.

During the workshop Paula will provide examples of your benefit behaviors for inviting loyalty and limiting backlash. The examples are based on your High DISC behavior style and your First Spranger guiding value.

Paula will also provide examples of with you invites for specific DISC behavior styles and Spranger guiding values. DISC behavior style with you invites provide moments of dignity. Spranger guiding value with you invites provide moments of passion.

Find moments of dignity and moments of passion strategies in the guides at Glass Ceiling Strategy Rock Stars.

Paula adds examples as she comes across them.

Paula will add new strategies as she creates them or comes across them.


Paula’s Online Directories

Paula promotes positivity through two online directories:


Paula’s Blogs

For insights on a wide variety of topics:

For examples of every type of success and failure:


Positivity On Facebook

Only Women Speaking Equality is currently online. I had too may Facebook accounts and most of the pages below were connected to my other account. I will add all of the pages and all of the posts on my new account over the coming months.

Paula promotes positivity through these Facebook pages:

Advocates For Equality

Best & Brightest Are Ordinary

Girl Goodwill

Olympians Of Opportunity

Sage Citizens

Women Speaking Equality

Wonder Women Breaking Glass Ceilings

Words With Wallop

Use the examples on these pages to promote more positivity in your own life at any age.


Positivity Can Change The World

Paula Kramer has 5 invitations for everyone in the world.

Read the preparatory readings for her online workshops.

Take advantage of the free resources on this website and the website link at the top of this page.

Use the examples from the Facebook pages to promote positivity in your own life.

Be part of the 3.5% minority that can change the world with positive actions.

Be part of the 10% minority that can change beliefs with positive words.

Please join Paula in producing positive payoffs for the world.

“The ‘3.5& rule’: How a small minority can change the world”
David Robson
May 13, 2019

“Minority Rules: Why 10 Percent is All You Need”
Matthew Philips
July 28, 2011

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