Paula Kramer, Professional Speaker

You can’t see the forest for the trees.

Paula Kramer can see both the forest and the trees. Two life situations frequently forced Paula to survive outside the forest.

When Paula was a very young child, her mother tried to kill her twice. Paula spent her childhood developing strategies to stay alive.

When Paula was 12 years old, a boy in school pulled her chair out from under her. Paula landed hard on her tailbone, injuring her spine. Medical professionals misdiagnosed Paula’s injury for 33 years. Sitting and standing normally became increasingly painful. Paula spent decades developing strategies to survive and thrive.

Paula’s outside view of the forest helps her see what people inside the forest cannot see — the strategies that most effectively create success. The strategies Paula developed for herself helped her triumph over tragedy in her own life. Resource rock star Paula Kramer not only helps you see the forest, she provides multiple resources to help you develop your own strategies for success among the trees.

Paula Kramer currently is offering two seminars:

Gossip Power: Good, Bad, & Ugly
(For individuals)

With You, Against You, Waiting For An Invite
(For organizations)

Gossip Coalitions For Breaking Glass Ceilings
(For women ready to transform relationships between women so they can influence men to transform their relationships with women)

On August 24th, Paula will do a “Women of Influence and Impact Inspiring Global Transformation” interview on WSA-TV. Paula will post the link when she has it.

paula at speakingfromtriumph dot com


“After the gossip workshop, communication improved among my immediate coworkers.  The tension in my department dropped dramatically.”
Cathy Dugan

“Paula delivers her message with insight gained from years of reflective personal experience and in-depth research on social behavior.”
Stacy O’Carroll

“Paula’s keen wit, insight, wisdom, and sense of humor shine in her delightful exploration of the topic gossip. Sharing in this exploration with Paula as your guide, you’ll find dimensions unfolding in your mind to open the way to a unique appreciation for the word.”
Will Kennedy

“Well organized. Interesting topic. You write great speeches! Good presentation.”
Rhonda Williams
Professional Trainer and Coach

“The best part of the talk was the way you involved the audience.”
Sue Nelson”

“I liked your hands on approach.”
James Cherwonka

“Paula is inspiring. Her stories are simple and made me realize how easy it can be to change the world. Her talk helped me make a decision I was discerning. I hope to get to hear more of her talks.”
Misty Prater

“Your talk was so popular I had to turn people away at the door.”
Keith DuPuis
Conference Organizer

“I heard many positive comments directly from participants about this session.”
Kathy Davies
Women & Poverty Conference

“After reviewing the evaluations from previous years, we are pleased to extend an invitation to you to again be a workshop presenter at Singlefest.”
Kurt Karnthaler
Day Program Chair

“Thanks again for your moving and insightful presentation. It continues to ‘play on my mind.'”
Janet Boddy

“Kramer covered the general topic of women’s communication with intriguing insights. It was a pleasure to hear such an enthusiastic speaker and I highly recommend Ms. Kramer as a guest speaker.”
Jean Grow
Grow Creative Resources


For People Who Want To Change The World:
Free Download For Anyone & Everyone

Words With Wallop:
The Easy Way To Change The World

The easy way to change the world is to give people positive identities. With positive identities, people change their own worlds by making positive choices. Each individual positive choice added to other individual positive choices combine to increase success, safety, and peace. Paula Kramer has real world examples to prove that words with wallop can reduce prejudice, homelessness, suicide rates, crime, terrorism, and ease the effects of child abuse.

Paula uses examples from her own life to show how positive identities gave her what she needed to walk away from wrong choices and walk toward positive choices.

Words with wallop examples range between one word and two sentences. How long does it take you to say two sentences? Two sentences repeated daily gave one man what he needed to choose a positive life for himself.

Words with wallop are most effective when they satisfy individual needs. Resource Rock Star Paula Kramer provides a wealth of free online resources to help you identify which needs to satisfy with one word, two words, one sentence, two sentences. The easy way to change the world.

Other online resources include more positive identity examples, citations for examples in the presentation, and more information to help you change the world.


Paula will add new examples of positive and negative words with wallop at the beginning of each month if she has found examples during the previous month. Each January, Paula will start new files for each.




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