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Life is the most effective teacher. Paula Kramer’s life of one tragedy after another taught her that failure flares failure and success sparks success. Negativity creates costs. Positivity creates benefits. Even when Paula was suicidally depressed, she took positive actions that paid off later on. Some of the payoffs were tiny triumphs, some were satisfying successes.

Many of her tiny triumphs included gaining respect from people who saw her positivity in spite of her struggles. That respect led to people doing what they could to help Paula spark more satisfying successes. Those successes allowed Paula to spark even more positive payoffs. Paula now promotes positivity to help you put negativity behind you. She provides positive strategies for sparking tiny triumphs and satisfying successes while gaining respect from people who can increase your positive payoffs.

Paula’s formula for positivity is purpose, perseverance, and proaction.


Background Information For Online Workshops

This information will give you the highest value for attending the workshops.

Paula produced transforming payoffs by creating one tiny triumph after another. Paula teaches people to transform their own lives with the tiny triumphs that fight failure and spark success. But Paula cannot teach everyone to transform their lives with positivity. So Paula makes the background information for her online workshops available to everyone. Read them and create the tiny triumphs that will help you fight failure and spark success, creating positive payoffs for you. Everyone is welcome to participate in the online workshops and in changing the world.

Gossip Power In The Workplace: Good, Bad, & Ugly

Bad and ugly gossip are based on stereotypes. Read the Stereotypes category at Paula’s blog so you know how other people stereotype you. Scroll through all of the posts so you can find all of the stereotypes about you.

Gossip Power
4 pages

During the workshop you will discuss experiences of good, bad, and ugly gossip in your own life.

Paula will also introduce the idea of gossip ears —
using what you hear to advance your career through positive networking.

After the workshop join the Gossip Power closed group Facebook page for access to these files:

Gossip Power Strategies

Gossip Ears Networking

The Facebook group is as you need it.

Come to the Facebook page when you need:





Paula will post new examples as she comes across them.

Wonder People Breaking Glass Ceilings: Inviting Loyalty, Limiting Backlash

Use verbal clues to identify your High DISC behavior style.

Use verbal clues to identify your First Spranger guiding value.

The background information explains the Wonder Woman connection to DISC behavior styles. Identifying your High DISC behavior style and First Spranger guiding value will help you follow Wonder Woman’s example. Acting like Wonder Woman gives you a leadership advantage. Any gender can act like Wonder Woman.

Your Wonder Person Headpiece
6 pages of reading, 3 pages of resources

If you are taking this workshop, follow the directions at the end of the reading.

During the workshop Paula will provide examples of your benefit behaviors for inviting loyalty and limiting backlash. The examples are based on your High DISC behavior style and your First Spranger guiding value.

Paula will also provide examples of with you invites for specific DISC behavior styles and Spranger guiding values.

After the workshop join the Wonder People Working Together closed group Facebook page for access to these files:

Your Natural Leadership Skills

Backlash Bewares & Benefit Behaviors

DISC Behavior Invites

          Spranger Value Invites

You Changing The World

The Facebook group is as you need it.

Come to the Facebook page when you need:





Paula will post new examples as she comes across them.



Paula’s Online Directories

Paula promotes positivity through two online directories:


Paula’s Blogs

For insights on a wide variety of topics:

For examples of every type of success and failure:


Positivity On Facebook

Paula promotes positivity through these Facebook pages:

Best & Brightest Are Ordinary

Girl Goodwill

Sage Citizens

Wonder Women Breaking Glass Ceilings

Words With Wallop

Use the examples on these pages to promote more positivity in your own life at any age.


Positivity Can Change The World

Paula Kramer has 5 invitations for everyone in the world.

Read the preparatory readings for her online workshops.

Take advantage of the free resources on this website and the website link at the top of this page.

Use the examples from the Facebook pages to promote positivity in your own life.

Be part of the 3.5% minority that can change the world with positive actions.

Be part of the 10% minority that can change beliefs with positive words.

Please join Paula in producing positive payoffs for the world.

“The ‘3.5& rule’: How a small minority can change the world”
David Robson
May 13, 2019

“Minority Rules: Why 10 Percent is All You Need”
Matthew Philips
July 28, 2011


Podcast & Radio Interviews

Women in Leadership with Annemarie Cross
“Smash Through Your Glass Ceiling”

People of Distinction with Al Cole from CBS Radio
March 25, 2018

Shedding the Bitch Radio with Bernadette Boas
“It Takes Girl Grit To End Girl Growls

Women In Trucking Radio Show
October 13, 2018



“After the gossip workshop, communication improved among my immediate coworkers.  The tension in my department dropped dramatically.”
Cathy Dugan

“Paula delivers her message with insight gained from years of reflective personal experience and in-depth research on social behavior.”
Stacy O’Carroll

“Paula’s keen wit, insight, wisdom, and sense of humor shine in her delightful exploration of the topic gossip. Sharing in this exploration with Paula as your guide, you’ll find dimensions unfolding in your mind to open the way to a unique appreciation for the word.”
Will Kennedy

“Well organized. Interesting topic. You write great speeches! Good presentation.”
Rhonda Williams
Professional Trainer and Coach

“The best part of the talk was the way you involved the audience.”
Sue Nelson”

“I liked your hands on approach.”
James Cherwonka

“Paula is inspiring. Her stories are simple and made me realize how easy it can be to change the world. Her talk helped me make a decision I was discerning. I hope to get to hear more of her talks.”
Misty Prater

“Your talk was so popular I had to turn people away at the door.”
Keith DuPuis
Conference Organizer

“I heard many positive comments directly from participants about this session.”
Kathy Davies
Women & Poverty Conference

“After reviewing the evaluations from previous years, we are pleased to extend an invitation to you to again be a workshop presenter at Singlefest.”
Kurt Karnthaler
Day Program Chair

“Thanks again for your moving and insightful presentation. It continues to ‘play on my mind.'”
Janet Boddy

“Kramer covered the general topic of women’s communication with intriguing insights. It was a pleasure to hear such an enthusiastic speaker and I highly recommend Ms. Kramer as a guest speaker.”
Jean Grow
Grow Creative Resources

“Paula told me to say thank you to my crabby husband for any little thing he did to help me. The next time my husband got crabby, I waited until he did something I could say thank you for. By the second thank you he was a lot less crabby. By the third thank you he was happy again.

“Paula enabled me to look at a relationship barrier that I was having with my father. It helped me to open my eyes as to how to interact with him more effectively.”

“I can see how I drive my daughter crazy.”

“Now I know what I need to look for in a woman.”
Kendall Sanders

“You’re a dynamic speaker and an original thinker. There’s lots to learn from you.
Ruth Graf

“Your openness, clarity, and challenge made this an excellent talk. You are also a good listener.”
Dr. Fred Daly

“Your talks were exactly what we were looking for.”
Vicki Hamlin

“Now I know why my girlfriend left me.”
U.S. Soldier

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