Girl Grit


Set a standard that ends betrayal between girls, between women, and between girls and women.

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Standard For Success: Girl Grit

Girl Grit is the courage to create equality for all girls and women,
including the girls and women who create inequality for you.

Four cultural themes of women betraying women:

Women as Mothers

Women and Their Appearance

Women as Deviants

Teenage Girls as Threats to Society

These themes came from my research for my masters thesis in communication. I wrote about women as television talk show hosts. I watched every talk show hosted by a woman for five years. I kept records of every topic and guest. When  I started looking for patterns, these four themes appeared in many of the episodes for each talk show host. The only female talk show host who did not betray other women was Jane Whitney of  the show Night Talk, later renamed The Jane Whitney Show. Whitney was on the air only from about 1992 to 1994, probably because she did not betray other women. Every other female talk show host I watched betrayed women at least some of the time, including the most famous ones.

Even the famous talk show hosts betray other women because all women betray other women at some point. All girls grow up hearing and seeing women betraying women. I betrayed girls and women because that’s what I learned to do. I don’t know how Jane Whitney managed to avoid betraying women on her show. I didn’t consciously make an effort to stop betraying women until I started writing my thesis and saw the evidence before me. Now I work on developing my own girl grit so I can stop the betrayal.

All women lose when any woman betrays another woman.

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