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Some examples are for enlightenment.

Paula M. Kramer adds new examples as she finds them.


Adolescents / Teenagers

Best Friends Foundation

“Bolivia — The Zebras Of La Paz”
Caroline Joyner
Just One For The Road
January 12, 2021

“Green Works in Kansas City”
Green Works Kansas City

“Iceland cuts teen drinking with curfews, youth centers”
Egill Bjarnason
AP News
July 31, 2016


“Brazil farming co-op carves a sustainable path through agribusiness stronghold”
Shanna Hanbury
October 11, 2021

Benefits & Resources

“Meet Your One-Stop-Shop”



“How tree cover can offer shortcut to estimating biodiversity”
Rowena Lindsay
The Christian Science Monitor
October 25, 2016


“Climate crisis as change agent? For Israel and Jordan, a warmer peace.”
Taylor Luck and Dina Kraft
The Christian Science Monitor
November 9, 2021


Ecological / Environmental Restoration

“Achieving ecological restoration by working with local people: a Chinese scholar seeks win-win paths”
Heran Zheng
Guosheng Wang
Ecology and Society
Vol. 19, No. 3 (Sep 2014), 6 pages

“Australia’s rainforest species gain ground through landscape linkages”
Amanda Freeman
December 24, 2021

Indiana Department of Environmental Management

“Why a good racial mix may also create a sense of comfort at school”
Gretel Kauffman
The Christian Science Monitor
June 21, 2017


“African Company Pays People to Learn Computer Science”
Allie Bidwell
US News & World Report
May 14, 2015


“Wgt a

Employment Growth

“Who Really Creates the Jobs?”
Bo Burlingham
Inc. Magazine
October 2012


Economic Development

“Trump’s dream of blue-collar jobs? In Kokomo, success calls for more.”
Laurent Belsie
The Christian Science Monitor
June 9, 2017


Endangered Species

“Headstarting as a cost-effective conservation strategy for an endangered mammal”
Alexandra K. Ross, Jasmin C. Lawes, Andrew Elphinstone, Sally Stutsel, Mike Letnic
ScienceDirect Volume 31, Issue 10, pages R465-R466
May 2021

May it Last: A Portrait of the Avett Brothers


Ex-Offender Re-Entry

Homeboy Industries

Second Chance Center, Inc.



May it Last: A Portrait of the Avett Brothers


“As flooding increases, these cities are designed to work with — not against — the water. Here’s how they’re doing it”
Laura Paddison
March 26, 2023


Foster Care

“States Change How They Recruit Foster Parents”
Kelli Kennedy
Miami Herald
December 31, 2011



“Building Strong Health Systems”
Partners In Health


Interfaith Interdependence

“In Jordanian city hit by ISIS, old lessons on Christian-Muslim coexistence”
Taylor Luck
The Christian Science Monitor
May 23, 2017


International Agreements

“International Cooperation In The Arctic”



“The Justice and Reconciliation Process in Rwanda”
United Nations

“Parties to Final Agreement Agree Columbia Conflict Can Be Resolved by Addressing Land Distribution, Rural Development, Former Commanders Tells Security Council”
United Nations
April 13, 2023


Moderation & Openness

“Saudi efforts to rid textbooks with extremist content bearing fruit”
The Arab Weekly
January 10, 2021


Natural Disasters

“Women’s leadership key to reducing disaster mortality”
Omar H. Amach
May 16, 2019



“Recent Developments in Pacific Tuna Fisheries: The Palau Arrangement and the Vessel Day Scheme”
Transform Aqorau
The International Journal of Marine and Coastal Law
September 2009



“Columbia’s disarming compassion”
Monitor Editorial Board
The Christian Science Monitor
January 3, 2023

“From IRA to Islamists, former radicals unite to become a force for peace”
Deepa Bharath
The Christian Science Monitor
March 6, 2016

“How humility won Colombia’s peace deal”
Monitor’s Editorial  Board
The Christian Science Monitor
August 25, 2016



“Free life vest kiosks installed along the Wisconsin River”
Jon Fuller
Spectrum News 1
May 18, 2023


“Oklahoma City’s MAPS Is A Public Works Lesson For Other Cities”
Scott Beyer
Market Urbanism Report
December 19, 2018



“Dancing Zebras in the Streets of La Paz”
Johnny Magdaleno
February 33, 2017


Urban Farms & Gardens

“How an Argentine City Turned Its Urban Spaces Into Farms and Markets”
Tony Frangie Mawad
June 29, 2021

“‘Without it, I might be dead’: the garden that saves lives”
Constance Malleret
Positive News
Ma 23, 2022


Urban Wildlife

“How Singapore is turning multi-storey car parks into farms”
Annabelle Liang
BBC News
July 30, 2022

“Valle de Oro National Wildlife Refuge”
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service


“The Breakfast Club”
Matt Gardner
City Pages
January11-18, 2018
(No longer online)
“Why does Veterans Weekly Cup-of-Coffee succeed where other similar groups have failed? Jim Campbell, co-founder of Never Forgotten Honor Flight, thinks it has a lot to do with the organization’s “no BS” approach to its meetings.
If you listen around the table, they’re not talking about killing in the jungles of Vietnam, although that’s sometimes what they talk about, says Campbell, a 33-year veteran of the Marines. “Rather, they’re talking about things anyone would talk about–kids, grandkids, how the weather sucks, etc.
But that informality belies the power of these coffee klatch connections. In many ways, the get-togethers have become therapy sessions for some attendees. Campbell says a number of people who attend Veterans Weekly Cup-of-Coffee have since stopped  going to post-traumatic stress disorder groups. “This is their counseling and they’re here every week,” Campbell says.
“The Veterans Weekly Cup-of-Coffee Celebrates 11 Years”
Wausau Pilot & Review
March 13, 2023


nextgen america


“Spain’s BRIF”
Bill Gabbert
Wild Fire Today
July 19, 2015

“Relationships Change the World”
Fire Adapted Communities Learning Network



“In Egypt, lending apps boost cash-strapped women business owners”
Menna A. Farouk
December 30, 2021

“Papua New Guinea – “Meri Seif” Women & Girls Safe Bus Transport System”
Alexandra Christy
Women’s UN Report Network (WUNRN)
December 13, 2019



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