Dream Teams & Spectacular Success

Put Your Dream Team Wheel On Your Path to Spectacular Success

Situational Ingredient Examples


By looking at successful Broadway musicals and landmark scientific papers, researchers identified a dream team formula. Bringing the “buyers and sellers” of philanthropy together, Bill Clinton creates dream teams around the world. Paula Kramer has identified other dream team formulas. The formula you need depends on the function of your team:

Creating a new version of something that’s been done before

Creating something entirely new

Improving a community

Giving people the skills they need to succeed

Providing recommendations for success based on research

Repeatedly performing a challenging task in demanding circumstances

While making her documentary about the Midwest Renewable Association’s annual energy fair, Paula Kramer identified the ingredients for spectacular success. The ingredients focus on working with others and satisfying others. Her subsequent research revealed a variety of paths to spectacular success.

Spectacularly successful Southwest Airlines purposefully hires people who are cooperative. Those cooperative employees create continuing success for Southwest Airlines because they work with each other and satisfy each other.

To put your dream team wheel on your path to spectacular success, download the PDF files at the top of the page and follow the instructions. The 7 Dream Team Steps download will identify the other PDF files you will need to get started towards spectacular success.

Paula Kramer will add dream team formulas as she identifies them.


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