4 Girl Mindsets

4 Girl Mindsets For Ending…

Girl Grit is the courage to create equality for all girls and women,
including girls and women who create inequality for you.

Girl Goodwill is the determination to approach all encounters involving other girls and women
with sincere approval and support for their positive words and actions.

Girl Gumption is the wisdom to admit that men deny equality
women who see men as inferior.

Girl Gems are positive words supporting other girls and women
by putting shine on their skills and accomplishments.


…4 Cultural  Themes Of Betrayal Between Women

Women as Mothers

Women and  Their Appearance

Women as Deviants

Teenage Girls as Threats to Society


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4 Girl Mindsets for Ending
4 Cultural Themes of Betrayal

Paris, France
March 9, 2022


Quotes From Paula’s Speech

“Men can hear what we say about other women.
The words we put into men’s ears
can come out of their mouths about us
and determine how they treat us.”

“Men block women with betrayal mindsets.”

“Men support women with equality mindsets.”

“If all girl schools are so good at putting women into leadership positions,
why is the number of CEOs who are women still under 10% in the United States?”


Bernadette Boas

“Today, large and small businesses engage me to help them find a solution to breaking the glass ceiling for the women in their organization. On one particular call, a man who headed up a large medical practice explained to me how the two women on his Board of Directors, both eligible to replace the CEO, were going to be overlooked, because, he stated, “They’re bitches.” The women were qualified and deserving of the position, but no one would vote them in because of their attitudes.  I knew exactly what he was dealing with.”

Shedding the Corporate Bitch: Shifting Your Bitches to Riches in Life and Business
2011, Page 216


Andrea Johnson

You are the answer. You are the future. Because I’m talking to women here, right? I mean what’s interesting is that the most people that share my podcast are men, bit it is 100% geared toward and presented to women. It’s all about women’s leadership. But one of the things I say in there is you are role models for the future generations.”

“Being an Intentional Optimist: Unconventional Leader | Andrea Johnson” 
Life & Leadership: A Conscious Journey
Michelle St Jane
December 22, 2021


Percentage Of Women CEOs

“8.2% of Fortune 500 CEOs are Women, According to the 2021 Women CEOs in America Report”
Women Business Collaborative
PR Newswire
October 14, 2021


Christine Fruechte

Christine Fruechte is the role model for the future generations that Andrea Johnson talked about.

“A generous spirit is one of the most important attributes of an effective leader. You have to share your time, talents and insight to mentor future leaders, and to build successful teams and organizations. At an all-female school I gave my time and talents without any gender concerns. I learned how to support other women and was encouraged to give my time and become a leader. These lessons stayed with me in my professional career, as well as in my nonprofit and board work.”

“Launching Leaders: The Power of All-Girls Schools”
Christine Fruechte, Contributor
Huffington Post


The Shine Theory

Amplify other women. I love the Shine Theory, which is the idea that when you help another woman rise, we all shine. “Build other women up! If you see your co-worker doing a great job, give them credit…tell your boss or other co-workers,” says Rebecca Wiser, cofounder and director of communications at Womaze, an app centered around self-empowerment for women. “At first it may seem like you’re taking attention away from yourself, but you’re actually showing that you’re a supportive team player as well as an inspiring leader—and secure enough in yourself to praise others.”

“Power Of The Pack: Women Who Support Women Are More Successful”
Shelley Zalis
March 6, 2019


3.5% Changing The World

“The 3.5% rule’: How a small minority can change the world”
David Robson
BBC Future
May 13, 2019


Support Other Women With Words Of Equality

Learn how to speak equality from women who get it.

Women Speaking Equality on Facebook

Stephanie Shirley’s post (#StephanieShirley) gives details about the words men probably wish they will never hear again.

Why would men want to share leadership with women who speak words they don’t want to hear?


Other Perspectives

“What’s Really Holding Women Back?”
Robin J. Ely and Irene Padavic
Harvard Business Review
March-April 2020


Other Mindsets

Horseshoes, Not Circles

If you are standing with other women in a circle and there is a woman standing alone in your
circle’s vicinity, the thing to do is: Notice her, smile at her, move over a bit, and say,
“Hi, come join us!”

Even if she decides not to join your circle — even if she looks at you like you’re crazy —
inviting her is still the thing to do.

I mean this both with our literal circles (when we are beyond quarantine),
and our figurative circles.

Let’s widen our circles. Let’s stand — and Live — in horseshoes.

“Horseshoes are better than circles.”
Glennon Doyle
April 27, 2020

Horseshoes are better than circles.
Leave space.
Always leave space.
Horseshoes of friends > Circles of friends.
Life can be lonely. Stand in horseshoes.

Comment to Glennon Doyle’s post
Nikki Goode
December 19, 2021


Horseshoes Create Community

“Why Community Matters”
Andrea Johnson
The Intentional Optimist Blog
March 28, 2022


Community Supports Bravery

“Teach girls bravery, not perfection”
Reshma Saujani
February 2016


The Opposite Of Bitch

The Myth of the Nice Girl: Achieving a Career You Love Without Becoming a Person You Hate
Fran Hauser


Paula’s All Girl Catholic High School

I quote my high school’s website in my speech. None of the quotes are here because my high school changes their website every time I quote it.

One of the quotes on the website is about all girl school graduates getting more leadership positions than coed school graduates. On July 14, 2022, my high school’s announcements section had 13 postings. Only one posting announced a leadership position for an alumna. That alumna graduated in the 1980s.

According to an online search, my high school now has approximately 250 to 280 students every year. They probably graduate more than 60 students every year. If my all girl high school is so good at teaching girls to be leaders, why do they have only one posting announcing an alumna becoming a leader, an alumna who graduated decades ago? No graduates from the last decade have achieved leadership positions? No graduates from the last 2 decades have achieved leadership positions? Graduates from my high school have to wait 30 years to achieve a leadership position?

See the Alumnae in the News link from Wellesley, a women’s college. This is the kind of list my high school would be able to produce if it truly did put alumnae in leadership positions.

Of course, my high school is ignoring any leadership position I attain (international best selling author, international professional speaker, international TV producer) because I refuse to donate money to the school that betrayed me. My high school does not know the leadership positions of any alumna who did what my older sister did and disappeared from the alumnae list. I assume none of them would give credit to our high school for their success. Our high school moved us backward with lies and betrayals, not forward with reality and support. I achieved my successes in spite of my all girl high school.

“How All Girl Schools Fail Their Students & Alumnae”
Paula M. Kramer
Speaking From Triumph Blog
April 30, 2021


Men Who Support Women

Chris Pratt

“He literally told me: ‘You guys don’t even have to do anything. I’m gonna do all the negotiating. We’re gonna be paid the same, and you don’t have to think about this, Bryce,’” Howard said. “And I love him so much for doing that. I really do, because I’ve been paid more for those kinds of things than I ever was for the movie.”

“Bryce Dallas Howard says she was paid less than Chris Pratt for ‘Jurassic World’ films”
Sandra Gonzalez
August 15, 2022


Dr. Mark Williams
“Dr. Marc’s Masterclass” Podcast

Posted this quote on LinkedIn for International Women’s Day 2022

Fix another queen’s crown
Without telling the world it was crooked


New Mindsets For Men

Are you a woman in need of a business idea?

Teach the difference between friendliness and sexual interest to the men who haven’t learned those verbal and nonverbal clues.

“The Compliment Too Many Men Miss”
Paula M. Kramer
Speaking From Triumph Blog
November 27, 2015


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