15 Children Who Survived Horrific Murder Attempts By Their Evil Parents

I found this article in 2019 while searching for people who had survived their parents’ attempts to kill them. I discovered I was on the list. In 2021, the article disappeared online.

I found Rima Pundir online and asked her for access to the article. It is evidence of what unwanted children endure at the hands of their parents. Rima sent me a raw copy with “and you are welcome to use it…” Rima also said:

“*********, a ****** website took down many of the “controversial” articles
to be more ** friendly.”

Just another example proving that people who could do something to save children do nothing to save children. I have been contacting legal professionals, medical health professionals, and child abuse researchers for decades to help unwanted children. Every single one of them did nothing.

Perhaps you could do something. If you just share the link to this page, more people will learn about the horror children like us endure.


“3.6 million referrals are made to child protection agencies involving more than 6.6 million children (a referral can include multiple children).

The United States has one of the worst records among industrialized nations — losing on average between four and seven children every day to child abuse and neglect.“

Child Abuse Statistics & Facts
Child Help

“Abuse of all types excluding neglect was significantly higher in the serial killer population. For serial killers, the prevalence of physical abuse was 36%; sexual abuse was 26%; and psychological abuse was 50%. Neglect was equally prevalent in the serial killer (18%) and societal norm populations.”

“The Incidence of Child Abuse in Serial Killers“
Heather Mitchell and Michael G. Aamodt, Radford University
Journal of Police and Criminal Psychology
2005, Volume 20, Number 1

I think 15 to 20 children survive their parents’ attempts to murder them every single day. Like me, an unknown number survive multiple murder attempts. We grow up with PTSD and develop addictions. My addiction was compulsive overeating. People with addictions hurt other people. I hurt other people. When I see people with addictions, I wonder about their childhoods.

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“15 Children Who Survived Horrific Murder Attempts By Their Evil Parents”
Rima Pundir
February 28, 2017

Parents. They say that since God cannot be personally present to raise and nurture every baby born on this planet, he thought of creating mothers and fathers. And frankly, in some cultures, parents are thought to be right next to that Holy pedestal – they are mortal Gods that were put on earth for children to have someone to look up to, and for children to be looked after. Sounds all sunshine bright, right?

But some of these so-called Gods have feet of clay. Of slimy, stinking, evil clay – for these are the parents who kill, or try to kill their children for reasons beyond human logic, understanding, or compassion. For them, their children are mistakes and problems, insurmountable enough to simply be killed off and thrown away like trash. Many of these monsters succeeded but miraculously, a few of these children survived to tell their stories and air their grief.

You cannot get over or away from a nightmare like this. For if the very people who were put on this planet to take care of you, feed and clothe you, shelter you from all the evil in the world turn on you instead – then where exactly and with whom will you ever feel safe again? These are the parents who prove that monsters are real and the hell we all fear after death can descend upon us while we are still alive. So here are 15 gruesome cases of children who survived murder attempts made by their parents and somehow lived through it all, to prove that there may be a silver lining to even the blackest and darkest of clouds.

1.  Jesus Told Me To Kill My Kids: Gloria Ross

In November 2016, a seemingly normal mom walked up to her sleeping eight-year-old son and woke him up, saying that she was sorry. This mother was Gloria Ross, in the news for trying to kill her son by slashing his throat with a knife. She believed that Jesus had told her to kill her children – and this is one “excuse” used by many a demented murdered and maniacs who probably believe themselves to be modern-day incarnations of Abraham. The moral of this Biblical story is lost on them, for all they know or do is evil.

Gloria also tried to turn the knife on her other children but resisted and escaped – the authorities were called and Gloria was arrested. Her son survived this murder attempt and was rushed to the hospital where his injuries were declared to be non-life-threatening.

2.  Cynthia Owen: My Mother Stabbed My Baby With Knitting Needles

Cynthia Owen was just a kid who had the misfortune of being born to a set of alcoholic and evil parents. Always short of money, unclothed, and often unfed – Cynthia and her other siblings lived in poverty whilst their parents blew their meager earnings on booze and drugs.

When Cynthia was eight years old, her mother told her to sleep with them on the marital bed and when she did, she was raped by her father, repeatedly till she finally got pregnant when she was 11. Cynthia carried the baby to term and a girl was born – which her mother assisted in delivering. Once the placenta was removed; Cynthia’s mom killed the newborn by stabbing it with a knitting needle 40 times! The baby was then placed in a laundry bag and then thrown in a Dún Laoghaire laneway and was discovered two days later by two boys.

Cynthia never got justice – her parents died before they could be penalized by law. You can read more about her in her book Living with Evil by Cynthia Owen.

3.  Parents Torture & Brainwash Children For Years: Calling it Horseplay

What would you say if you knew of parents pressing red hot spoons to their children’s skin to burn them, beating them with metal belt buckles and coat hangers, stabbing their daughter with a dirty needle, and telling her that she would die of AIDS and making her sleep in freezing conditions for three weeks, as a punishment for wetting the bed?

While the law would call it aggravated child abuse, we’d like to call it a murder attempt. A news article in Daily Mail reported that the father would hit the children – one girl and two boys – in the groin to cause maximum pain and hold their heads underwater whilst the mother loved to head-butt them.

A family friend kept ringing in complaints to child protection services but the action was only taken against the couple who are now under arrest and facing custodial charges when the eldest boy finally put aside his fear and complained to the police.

4.  Kelly Stapleton: The Mother Who Tried To Kill Her Autistic Daughter

Kelly Stapleton seemed to be the ideal mother to Issy aka Isabelle, an autistic teen as well as two older children, a boy Matt and a girl Ainsley. She did seem like the ideal mom, even when Issy went into dark, violent episodes in which she even knocked Kelly unconscious once. But all that changed one day when Kelly decided that her other two children needed to be protected from Issy and so she thought of a murder-suicide plan in which she would kill Issy and then join her – planning that both of them would be in heaven before noon.

So she packed off a picnic in the family van and even fired up a grill in the woods to make Issy s’mores. After which she gave her double the doss of a drug that made her sleepy, but the still smoldering grill inside the van and then climbed into the back of the van with Issy – planning to go to sleep forever with the carbon monoxide fumes. The police later found Issy strapped to the front seat; frothing at the mouth while Kelly was asleep in the back of the van in her underwear. Later, prosecutors proved that Kelly never intended to kill herself – she came to immediately once the paramedics came while Issy was on the ventilator for four days. Kelly is serving 20-22 years in prison now while Issy is thriving and living with her father and siblings.

5.  Lorraine Pascale: My Adoptive Mother Wanted To Kill Me

Former model and celebrity chef Lorraine Pascale will probably take off from when Nigella leaves – she is as popular as a chef as she is a model. And though her adoptive parents Audrey and Roger Woodward and she seem to have a warm and loving relationship with them had come on her cooking shows as well, the reality was a bit different.

In a dark time beginning when Lorraine was three, Audrey and Roger’s marriage was crumbling. A tense Audrey was now making Lorraine subject to her rages, often brought on by binge drinking. From 1976 to 1981, the complaints kept trickling – to the point that Audrey fantasized about throwing her adopted daughter under a lorry and even trying to strangle her once. Both Audrey and Roger let Lorraine slip back into the foster care system – ultimately it was all resolved and Lorraine rejoined her adoptive parents. All’s well that ends well? No one can say for sure…

6.  My Parents Tried To Induce An Asthma Attack To Kill Me

This story is off the website Experience Project by a user called BlackHaru who states that when he was six years old, his parents discovered that he had asthma and would need treatment. The doctor advised his parents of all the triggers so the attacks could be avoided.

Any parent would do his or her best to ensure that an attack did not happen. Not these parents though – since they already had six healthy kids and we’re under a financial strain, they tried to induce an asthma attack so that this asthmatic boy of theirs would die and since he died of asthma, they reasoned it wasn’t murder…

The boy survived and he poignantly says it all, “Even knowing all this, I still can’t hate them. But I don’t love them anymore. I used to wish that they’d gotten it right, that they didn’t suck so bad at killing children”…

7.  Paula M Kramer: A Lifetime Of Recovering From My Mother’s Murder Attempt

Paula M Kramer writes about her life’s everyday struggles in her blog: Speaking From Triumph. And her story gives you the chills. Very early on, her mother tried to kill her, twice. Paula survived and that possibly angered her mother into having a lifelong resentment against her. She calls her family a murder secret family which she explains thusly, “Families become murder secret families when a parent has attempted to murder a child and needs to keep this a secret.” Her mother, states Paula, recruited all her siblings and relatives into believing that Paula was the bad apple and so no one ever thought of her as a victim, probably more of a storyteller.

Paula’s website states that she is writing a book about this. And thankfully now, she has cut off all contact with her murder secret family.

8.  Richard Coombs: My Dad Tried To Kill Me When I Was 20

Richard Coombs tells his sorry tale in The Guardian, and like all others, it just leaves you with one more bitter taste in your mouth – wondering what in the world is wrong with the human race in general.

He recalls how his father was always an alcoholic and a domineering man and the entire family had come to fear his moods – sometimes light, the others day dark and violent. When Richard was 20, he was going to college and his father was supposedly proud. After a long bout of drinking in the pub, Richard and his dad were driving back when his dad suddenly attacked him. He was then ordered to drive to a secluded location where his dad tried to strangle him – luckily some passers-by intervened and saved him.

The story ends with Richard saying that probably his dad had an undiagnosed mental illness and that he died a bad death of alcoholism six years later. To date, Richard continues, he has nightmares, problems with his voice box, and problems sleeping…

9.  Meat Loaf: My Father Tried To Kill Me With a Butcher Knife

We all know of Meat Loaf, though not many of us know that his real name is Michael Lee Aday. His mother (a teacher) died young, of cancer and his father was an alcoholic and a police officer. After his mother’s death, his father’s drinking binges became even worse. It was probably his alcoholism that made him try to kill his son, Marvin with a butcher knife.

At 69 today, having cheated death many times and having achieved all the success that a musician can dream of; Meat Loaf can afford to be generous and he has said that he long ago forgave his father for alcoholism is a disease…

10.  Judy Bolton-Fasman: My Mother Wanted To Stab Me

Judy’s article first appeared in Dame, and she writes about caring for her assisted-living mom who used to abuse and threaten to kill Judy when she was just a child. Small slights and errors like not complementing her mother on the dinner could make her fly off the handle and Judy recalls an incident when her mother told her that she would slice her open like eggplant and stab her to death the moment she fell asleep. Judy was eight at the time.

Now, Judy is alive and well and has two children of her own. And her mother lives in an assisted-living facility, confined to a wheelchair.

What is it like, wonders Judy, to have to look after someone who has abused you for years in an actual address that read 1735 Asylum Avenue? We doubt anybody has answers…

11.  Angela Hershberger: My Father Tried To Kill Us All

In an article in XOJane, Angela Hershberger writes about the dirty secret her family has been harboring for so long. In a drug-induced fit, her father tried to kill them all, thinking that he was saving them from money troubles and more since the marriage was also breaking down due to finances and drug troubles.

He switched on the gas burners and then left the house. Angela further writes that her sister talked in her sleep and that woke her mother up and that’s when all hell broke loose. Of course, her mother did all that you’re not supposed to do in a gas leak – switched on lights, dialed help – instead of opening the doors. Her father came back – to date, Angela does not know why and this secret came out many years later when her parents finally divorced.

12.  My Mother Hired A Hit Man To Kill Me: Sofia Hayat

A former model, actress, and now a nun – Sofia Hayat was born to a British Muslim family of Asian descent. In her book Dishonored, she talks about how her love for acting, singing and performing always got her into trouble with her devout and disciplinarian parents.

Once when she was 10 minutes late in returning home when she was just a child because she had stayed back at a friend’s place watching TV, her father whipped her with a tree branch in public. And her family – her mother, brother, and sister, stood mutely watching her get beaten.

When she went to college and started working as a dancer in a nightclub to support her educations, her parents got wind of this and imprisoned her inside the house. She escaped and hid with friends, only to get to know from her sister that her mother had hired a hitman to kill her for the dishonor she brought to the family. She finally went to the authorities and her family backed off…

13.  Christine Wilhelm: The Mother Who Tried To Drown Her Two Boys

In 2003, Christine Wilhelm, a paranoid schizophrenic, was sentenced to the maximum of 50 years to life in prison for drowning her four-year-old son Luke in the bathtub and attempting to drown her five-year-old son Peter, who escaped from her clutches.

Peter, six at the trial, went on to provide chilling testimony to his mother’s crime, “Mom tried to drown me because she had a sickness in her mind and she didn’t take her whole medication so she had that problem and she tried to drown me, but instead she drowned my brother two times…”

Testimony later showed that she tried to resuscitate Luke once, but instead of calling for help thereafter, she put him back in the tub and drowned him. This time, he died. While Christine entered a play of not guilty because of insanity, she was found guilty on all counts.

14.  Tiffany Alberts: Injected Her Son With Feces

In December 2016, the Internet broke on a story of a woman who was caught injecting feces into the IV bag of her 15-year-old, cancer-stricken son. Tiffany Albert, a 41-year-old teacher has been charged with attempted murder and she admitted to committing this shocking act while her son was in the hospital receiving treatment for leukemia.

He reasoned that she did so only because she wanted him transferred to a better hospital unit and get better treatment. Her actions though may have cost her son his life as the doctors missed the crucial remission window period and could not treat him with chemotherapy because of the bacterial infection in his blood, because of the fecal matter injected into him.

Instead of receiving treatment for leukemia, the teenager had undergone months of hospitalization to address his infections. Now the delay in chemotherapy treatments could result in his death.

15.  Nathan Weitzel: I Crashed My Car To Kill My Son

The last sicko on our list – Nathan Weitzel was a Colorado dad whose marriage had crumbled – leaving him to take care of his toddler son Isaiah on weekends he did not want to do so as his son hampered his lifestyle and so daddy dear concocted a plan to get rid of the problem once and for all. He strapped himself in his car but did not put his toddler son in a baby seat as is the law – and then he deliberately crashed his car into multiple vehicles. While Nathan survived with minor injuries, the multiple crashes left Baby Isaiah with a ripped neck muscle, putting him in a neck brace. He also had to get surgery on his leg and received five screws in his knee. Finally, he got 20 to 30 stitches in his head… All because his dad did not want to take care of him!