Serendipitous Success Seeds


Occurring or discovered by chance in a happy or beneficial way

These free PDF downloads are serendipitous success seeds. Your success in your life could reach my life to create more success for me. My success in my life could reach your life to create more success for you. I plant as many seeds as possible to make serendipitous success for everyone more likely.

Pass these seeds on to people in your life. This will create more opportunities for the seeds to grow into serendipitous success for you. How much better would your life be if more of the people in your life succeeded at getting enough sleep?

I wish you many successes.

Paula M. Kramer


Sleep & Weight Loss

Adding the right nutrients to your daily meals can help you sleep better and end water retention.

Updated December 1, 2019


Reversing Age-Related Hair Loss

Adding essential oils to shampoo can reverse age-related hair loss.



Working With Others & Satisfying Others

Spectacular success comes from working with others and satisfying others.



Spectacular Success Worksheets

Detailed worksheets to help you create spectacular success, based on the 26 situational, organizational, financial, emotional, and relationship ingredients for spectacular success.





Golden Rule

Variations of the Golden Rule, including the Personal Golden Rule

Updated January 5, 2019


Dream Team Formulas

Choose the dream team formula that fits your situation. I will add more formulas as I identify them.



Dream Team Worksheets

Worksheets to help you put your dream team wheel on your path to spectacular success.



Sage Citizens

Senior citizens are sage citizens who have wisdom and sage specialties:







Feeling Safe After PTSD

Steps PTSD sufferers can take to identify and enjoy their own safety experience for washing away the terror. Read how I found my own safety experience.



Effective Mental Health Therapy



These worksheets are from a book I’m writing about how to do and how not to do mental health therapy.

The Baby In My Dream Was Me:
Following the Clues of My Life & Finding My Mother’s Attempts to Kill Me


Feminism That Creates Equality Between Women

In a letter to the National Organization for Women (NOW), I compare NOW to Minnesota Concerned Citizens for Life (MCCL), showing that MCCL is more effective as an organization than NOW is. MCCL leaders encourage MCCL members to speak their own words and take their own actions, and support members for doing so. NOW leaders expect NOW members to be silent until told to speak (and what to speak). NOW leaders expect NOW members to be passive until told to take action (and what action to take). NOW leaders continually ask for support but do not offer support in return. For thousands of years, patriarchal leaders have expected women to be silent, passive, and supportive. NOW leaders continue the model of patriarchal leadership by expecting NOW members to be silent, passive, and supportive. In my letter, I challenged NOW leaders to create equality between women within the National Organization for Women.



Effective Politics

Use the examples below to help you identify any politician who is working to satisfy their own power desires rather than your citizen needs. I pay more attention to Democratic politicians because I vote Democratic. I want effectiveness from all politicians. I’m keeping a list of Republican politicians who do what I wish Democratic politicians would do. I will eventually write about them in some way.


Democratic_Politician Power_Desires

See this link for yet another complaint about Democratic politicians:

“Dear Debbie… A note to the DNC Chair”
Daily Kos Community
December 19, 2014


Paula M. Kramer, 2010 to the present.
Updated November 13, 2022.