Gossip Power: Good, Bad, & Ugly

What are the other sides of each story in your life?
What are the other sides of each story other people tell you?

Paula Kramer has been researching gossip since 1988. Her definition of gossip is based on more than half a century of research by both male and female researchers.

Gossip is talk and writing about people
— both other people and ourselves —
in family, social, workplace, and public settings.

Men gossip just as much or more than women. They just call it things like “shop talk” or “shooting the breeze”.

The power of gossip is in the relationships it creates.


Good Gossip Opens Doors In Relationships


Bad Gossip Closes Doors In Relationships


Ugly Gossip Slams Doors In Relationships


Strategies for opening doors in relationships require sincerity and open-mindedness. People opening doors have to be sincere. People with closed or slammed doors have to be both sincere and open-minded. Insincere and close-minded people will not open their doors to your good gossip efforts, even when they are sincere. Insincerity and closed-mindedness are two clues that you should limit or walk away from a relationship.


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Updated July 29, 2017