Testimonials For Paula M. Kramer

“I took Paula Kramer’s workshop, Invite Loyalty & Limit Backlash, and I’ve got to say it is one of the most engaging and compelling workshops I’ve taken in some time. Paula shines a light on the negative effects of workplace gossip and provides simple, solid methods for moving beyond a toxic workplace environment.

As a nurse of 30 years who is very familiar with harsh work environments, I would high recommend this workshop to healthcare workers, nurse managers, and any business manager who wants to lead their team from a negative environment into one of dignity and communication.”
Teresa Sanderson
Hospice Marketing Trainer & Consultant
Nursing Continuing Education Consultant
Nurse Entrepreneur Precepter
Nursing Culture Change Agent
Business Strategist
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“Paula has done an amazing job taking her life experiences and translating them into strategies people can use. She is very passionate about helping people overcome obstacles to achieve their goals. She has a fantastic story to tell!”
Melissa Meschke
Economic Developer
Connection and Community Builder
Small Business Advocate
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If you’re looking for a performance coach, then Paula is exactly who you’re looking for. She knows her way around behavioural psychology and would give you a lot of pointers to improve your behaviour, invite loyalty and above all, improve your efficiency to success. Tip on the iceberg? She’s totally fun to work with. I would very highly recommend.
Rebecca Moraa
Director of Program
Operations at 3D Africa
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Transcription of an audio testimonial:
Hi, I’m Beth. I’m from Kenya. I want to talk more about good and bad gossip. Humans love hearing and talking about humans. This is going to be bad and good gossip. Gossip doesn’t have to be always negative. But most of it is positive in good faith of human beings. I’m happy for Paula who invited me to her gossip power workshop. It is such a big area to study on. So much to learn so we can be able to live positivity in our community. And it was a very educative workshop. Thank you, Paula.
Beth Wawira
Nonprofit Founder


I really recommend Paula as she helped me overcome some things that were making me stay in a bad spot but after a virtual training I gained a lot. I feel very free. Thank you so much Paula.
Louise Ware
TShirt Designer
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“Just the word ‘gossip’ has a negative connotation, yet Paula, in her gossip power workshop, helps you to understand the influence, impact and power gossip can have on an individual and team. Her focus on using her own personal examples in stories, along with the participants own examples, is eye-opening. It made me feel as if I wasn’t alone in dealing with it. Paula’s presentation style in providing her tips and strategies were engaging, making it easy to see how you can use them. Thanks Paula for delving into this often hot subject.”
Bernadette Boas
Ball Of Fire Coaching
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Right after taking the workshop:
“I am sooo glad I attended the gossip workshop. We live in a world full of mediocracy and having someone do a presentation on true stories is rare, yet it resonates. Thank you Paula. Looking forward to the inviting loyalty workshop.”
16 days after taking the workshop:
“And actually am finding myself categorizing gossip around me.”
Jane Njeri


“After participating in the gossip power presentation, I know I now have a better plan to be more effective in understanding how gossip affects every area of a person’s personal and professional life. Using her strategies on gossip power and gossip ears I feel I will be better able to navigate these areas both inside and outside the office. Paula does a great job, using both scientific research and personal anecdotes and examples, to develop strategies for turning the power of gossip into positives for anyone attending her presentation. I left energized and excited about her message and what I learned and am definitely looking forward to learning more at her next presentation.“
Mark Spiers
SBDC Consultant


“Paula is a fabulous motivational speaker. Not only does she speak on positivity, but she conducts webinars on gossip and how to get out of the trap!! She is very knowledgeable, professional and inspirational! I love Paula’s talks and webinars! She mentors women to bring out their best and believe in themselves! Thank you for all that you! The world needs you right now!”
Lauren Ebbecke

Natural Science Instructor
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“Paula delivers her message with insight gained from years of reflective personal experience and in-depth research on social behavior.”
Stacy O’Carroll


“Paula’s keen wit, insight, wisdom, and sense of humor shine in her delightful exploration of the topic gossip. Sharing in this exploration with Paula as your guide, you’ll find dimensions unfolding in your mind to open the way to a unique appreciation for the word.”
Will Kennedy


“The talk on gossip changed my life.”
Steve Bjella
Music Professor


“Well organized. Interesting topic. You write great speeches! Good presentation.”
Rhonda Williams
Professional Trainer and Coach


“The best part of the talk was the way you involved the audience.”
Sue Nelson


“I liked your hands on approach.”
James Cherwonka


“Paula is inspiring. Her stories are simple and made me realize how easy it can be to change the world. Her talk helped me make a decision I was discerning. I hope to get to hear more of her talks.”
Misty Prater


“Your talk was so popular I had to turn people away at the door.”
Keith DuPuis
Conference Organizer


“I heard many positive comments directly from participants about this session.”
Kathy Davies
Women & Poverty Conference


“After reviewing the evaluations from previous years, we are pleased to extend an invitation to you to again be a workshop presenter at Singlefest.”
Kurt Karnthaler
Day Program Chair


“Thanks again for your moving and insightful presentation. It continues to ‘play on my mind.'”
Janet Boddy


“Kramer covered the general topic of women’s communication with intriguing insights. It was a pleasure to hear such an enthusiastic speaker and I highly recommend Ms. Kramer as a guest speaker.”
Jean Grow
Grow Creative Resources


“After the gossip workshop, communication improved among my immediate coworkers.  The tension in my department dropped dramatically.”
Cathy Dugan


“Paula told me to say thank you to my crabby husband for any little thing he did to help me. The next time my husband got crabby, I waited until he did something I could say thank you for. By the second thank you he was a lot less crabby. By the third thank you he was happy again.


“Paula enabled me to look at a relationship barrier that I was having with my father. It helped me to open my eyes as to how to interact with him more effectively.”


“I can see how I drive my daughter crazy.”


“Now I know what I need to look for in a woman.”
Kendall Sanders


“You’re a dynamic speaker and an original thinker. There’s lots to learn from you.
Ruth Graf


“Your openness, clarity, and challenge made this an excellent talk. You are also a good listener.”
Dr. Fred Daly


“Your talks were exactly what we were looking for.”
Vicki Hamlin


“Now I know why my girlfriend left me.”
U.S. Soldier


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