Girl Grit

(for growing girls and grown women)

Girl grit is the courage to create equality for all girls and women,
including girls and women who create inequality for you.

Girl gumption is the wisdom to admit that men deny equality to
women who see men as inferior.

Girl Grit Observation From Shailene Woodley

“I don’t know how we as women expect men to respect us,
because we don’t even seem to respect one another.”

Girl Goodwill Attitude From Michelle Obama

“And it’s time that we all stepped back, took a deep breath and
started really listening to one another rather than viewing one
another through the layers of our own judgment, insecurity
and anxiety.”


Girl Growl Backfires

Read Paula Kramer’s Girl Growl Backfire blog posts to help you understand how betraying and sabotaging other women can backfire. Paula even writes about her own girl growl backfire.


The Four Cultural Themes Of Betrayal Against Women

Each general theme of betrayal has several judgments that girls and women can use to betray each other. Note that under the Women as Deviants theme, girls and women at times judge other girls and women as deviant just because they are female. This judgment is useful to boys and men who want to keep girls and women unequal, especially when it comes to holding positions of power. If girls and women think other girls and women are too deviant to hold power, why should boys and men share power with girls and women?


1.  Women as Mothers

Ignoring their true vocation as mothers

Failing to properly fulfill their roles as mothers

Being dangerous mothers


2.  Women and Their Appearance

Wrong body size

Wrong clothing

Wrong hair

Wrong age

Wrong behavior

Wrong color


3.  Women as Deviants

Being female

Stepping out of approved roles

Being responsible for any problem men have trouble explaining

Causing men to behave badly or commit crimes

Being more deviant than deviant men

Moving into male space

Threatening male power or not supporting male power

Expecting equality with higher status women

Expressing confidence in themselves, in their work, in their worth

Expecting other women to live up to and perform up to high standards

Failing to provide what other women feel you owe them, regardless of what that would mean in your life


4.  Teenage Girls as Threats to Society

Needing preparation for roles as proper (male-pleasing) women

Endangering adult males whether proper or not

Arousing inappropriate sexual feelings in men


Paula Kramer is not the only person trying to end betrayal between women. For the July/August 2011 issue of More magazine, Deborah Copaken Kogan wrote the article, “America’s Real Favorite Pastime? Judging Women.” In her article, Kogan used the phrases, “verbal assaults” and “the endless game of Judge That Woman”. This is a game that all women lose. Kogan laments that abuse of any kind of power turns “a strong woman weak”. Strong women can become weak under the trauma of judgmental assaults from other women. How does making other women weak advance any issue of equality or rights for all women?


Refusing to Betray and Sabotage Women
Who Betray and Sabotage You

Paula worked with one woman for two and a half years. This coworker was a project manager. Close to two  years in, a third woman began working with Paula and the project manager. The three women had schedules that meant they never worked together, but the project manager worked with both Paula and the new employee.

The new employee began telling lies about a number of women in the company, including Paula, although Paula did not learn this until it was too late. The project manager ignored all the evidence proving that the lies were false. The lies apparently made Paula look like she was out to get the project manager. So the project manager decided to sabotage Paula. She created a situation that made Paula look like she had done something damaging to one of the company’s clients. The project manager’s supervisor ignored all the evidence that the project manager was not telling the truth. The company fired Paula.

Instead of responding with betrayal and sabotage, Paula responded with an explanation of what might have been. While she was working at that job, Paula was researching books and setting up Smiles Spark Success. Since books can generate speaking engagements, Paula knew she would eventually make a good income. Because Paula’s first guiding value is Helping *, she planned to use her money to help other people succeed after they have proven their ability and commitment. The project manager had talked about starting her own business making a specialty food product. Paula had tasted this product and found it delicious. Paula had planned to help the project manager start her business when she had enough money to be generous. That plan ended with the project manager’s lies about Paula.

Paula wrote this in a letter to the project manager. Paula also told the project manager that she had been trying to think of a way to say thank you for something meaningful the project manager had done for Paula just through conversation. Paula had never thanked the project manager because after the lying employee started working, the project manager became insincere towards Paula.

Paula did, however, give the project manager information that could be useful for two health problems the project manager had. The project manager could look the evidence up on the Internet to discover it was true. One of the health problems was insomnia. Paula had learned that magnesium improves sleep. In one Internet comment about magnesium, a man wrote that his doctor called magnesium a sleeping pill. (See the Serendipitous Success Seeds page for a PDF download about sleeping better.)

Instead of betraying and sabotaging the woman who had betrayed and sabotaged her, Paula  gave the project manager information that could improve her ability to sleep better for the rest of her life. The ability to sleep would also improve the project manager’s life in other ways. The success of any woman depends on the success of all women. The ability to sleep is an important success that will make the project manager more effective in her life. She just needs to learn that girl goodwill creates more success than girl growls.

In case you were wondering, Paula did not tell anyone on that job about her books or Smiles Spark Success website. Paula had already been fired once because female workers told lies about her. She did not want to give her coworkers on her next job any reason to judge her as deviant for expressing confidence in herself, her work, or her worth.

* Visit for more information about guiding values


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