Amateurs With Passion

If you pay attention, you will see that ordinary people with amateur passions are solving all of the world’s problems. They do so with their clear-headed ability to do what President Teddy Roosevelt recommended about 100 years ago:

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”

When ordinary people with amateur passions do what they can, with what they have, were they are, they become the best and the brightest.


Amateur Passions Can Renew Energies

Watch the documentary Renewing Energies: The Ingredients for Spectacular Success and spend a fun, informative, and renewing weekend at the annual “energy fair” hosted by the Midwest Renewable Energy Association (MREA). From the very beginning, this fair has been the most successful renewable energy fair in the world, attracting visitors from every state and dozens of countries. The MREA, a group of ordinary people based in Central Wisconsin, shows you how to use and renew the people energies in the 26 situational, organizational, financial, emotional, and relationship ingredients that create spectacular success.

Once you understand people energies and the 26 ingredients for spectacular success, you will be able to recognize their use by a wide variety of businesses, sports teams, nonprofits, political movements, social movements, individuals, and even some government groups. Each example you identify is a source of ideas for using the renewing energies of these ingredients in your own life.


Amateur Passions Can Create Multiple Successes

The founding members of the MREA were amateurs at hosting a renewable energy fair, but they share a passion for renewable energy. Their amateur passion created the longest running and most successful renewable energy fair in the world. Paula M.Kramer was an amateur filmmaker, but she has a passion for protecting nature. Her amateur passion discovered the ingredients for spectacular success.

The MREA and Paula M. Kramer show that amateurs with passion can accomplish more than they set out to accomplish. The founding members of the MREA set out to host a “people’s renewable energy fair“. They accomplished that. They then went on to create the ReNew the Earth Institute to host training and credentialing throughout the year, host a yearly tour of homes and businesses, lead the Midwest Solar Training Network, open an office in Milwaukee, and become a member of Grow Solar Wisconsin. They also have changed political policy in Wisconsin regarding renewable energy.

Paula set out to understand the spectacular success of the MREA’s energy fair. Paula accomplished that. Paula then went on to identify seven types of success, seven types of failure, soured success, and how we choose success or failure. Looking at various spectacular successes around the world, Paula identified several different paths to spectacular success. Former MREA director Tehri Parker considered Paula’s documentary a history of the energy fair and used it as a staff training video. The MREA used several quotes from the documentary in their book about the first twenty years of the fair, The Energy Fair: Getting Our Energy From The Sun For 20 Years.

Pay attention to amateurs with passion.

Become an amateur with passion.

If you create success with your amateur passion, contact Paula M. Kramer to let her know what your passion accomplished. Paula collects examples of how amateurs with passion are making the world a better place for everyone else. She plans to write about amateurs with passion to encourage more ordinary people to join the best and the brightest.


If you read the The Energy Fair, you will see an incorrect title for my documentary. The current MREA staff has left the founding group’s path to spectacular success.


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