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Tiny Triumphs Add Up To Satisfying Successes,
Including Spectacular Success

Paula Kramer provides free resources on this website and at to help you create the tiny triumphs that add up to a variety of satisfying personal and professional successes, including spectacular success. Paula offers these free resources because her life taught her that creating success for others is the best way to create success for herself. See Success & Failure Choices as well as the blogs below.

Unless you’ve already learned this lesson yourself, you could be creating failures in your life without realizing it.

Browse through the two websites to find the free resources that fit your needs now. Browse through Paula’s Speaking From Triumph Store for products that build on the free resources.

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Paula Kramer writes two alternating blogs.

Speaking From Triumph Blog includes categories for chapters from books she is writing, plus more resources based on her research into many different topics.

Smiles Spark Success Blog provides examples for 7 successes & 7 failures + soured success. Reading this blog can help you make choices for success instead of choices for failure.


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