SOPY Strategy For Breaking Glass Ceilings

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What To Look For In
Other People,

By Paula M. Kramer

Glass ceilings exist in all kinds of situations. Some of them are unbreakable.

My mother created a family glass ceiling for me the day I was born because I was her second daughter instead of her first son. I could never be the son she wanted, so that glass ceiling was unbreakable. After my loving father died, I walked away from my unloving mother and siblings.


Stereotypes Build Glass Ceilings

Stereotypes are the building blocks of glass ceilings. Those stereotypes can be about people or roles. The first step in breaking glass ceilings is to identify if the glass ceiling is built for people or for roles.


Strategies For Breaking Glass Ceilings

Strategies for breaking glass ceilings depend on whether the stereotype building blocks are people stereotypes or role stereotypes.


Understanding The SOPY Strategy

This page explains:

2 workplace glass ceiling situations

What to look for in other people within those situations

What to look for in yourself within those situations

You can use what you learn from this page in any glass ceiling situation you encounter. You can decide which strategies to use in each situation, including walking away from unbreakable glass ceilings.

Walking away from my mother and siblings gave me the ability to go from silenced voice to international voice. Leaving that glass ceiling behind opened doors to unimagined opportunities for me.


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