Be A Networker (Schools & Workplaces)



Set the 4 networking steps as standard behavior in schools and workplaces.






Standards For Success: 4 Steps to Becoming a Networker

Set standards in school for students to become networkers. Bullying in school harms everyone, including the bullies.

How Does Bullying Affect the Bully?

Set standards in the workplace for employees to become networkers. Bullying doesn’t end when our school days end. Bullying continues into our workplaces where both men and women are bullies. Workplace bullying is costly. The same 4 easy steps to networking can reduce bullying in workplaces, allowing employees to focus on doing their jobs rather than protecting themselves from bullies.

“Results of the 2017 WBI U.S. Workplace Bullying Survey”

“Workplace Bullying: Gender and the U.S. Bullying Experience”

“Estimating the Costs of Workplace Bullying”

Example From A Networker

“For me, networking begins with acknowledging another person’s presence in shared space. That leads to a smile and then a discussion about a shared interest or experience. With a small amount of stillness and a little listening, the other person feels valued; which can be the first seed planted for a future connection. With appropriate follow-up, people remember me and a mutually beneficial relationship is started.”

Lisa McClennon
Deputy Assistant Inspector General
Investigations at United States Agency for International Development – OIG


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