Set knowledge, experience, skills, resources, and connections as standards for presenting core confidence.

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Standard For Success: Present Core Confidence

Too many people believe that looking a certain way will give them confidence. Confidence based on physical appearance is circumstantial confidence. It depends on the circumstances of your appearance (age, weight, height, clothing, hair color, etc.). Circumstantial confidence is not core confidence. Core confidence is the confidence you feel from your knowledge, experience, skills, resources, and connections. Core confidence is what is inside you. You carry it will you at all times wherever you go. Circumstantial confidence cannot go with you wherever you go because it is based on appearance. Appearance changes. Knowledge, experience, skills, resources, and connections can change, too, but most likely they increase.

Presenting the core confidence of knowledge, experience, skills, resources, and connections leads to more success than you expect.


A janitor for an office building wore a uniform that proclaimed he was a janitor. Yet, the janitor considered himself the most important person in the building. How could a janitor have the core confidence to consider himself the most important person in an office building? His resource was toilet paper. “Nothing gets done if there’s no toilet paper in the building.” His appearance meant nothing compared with that kind of core confidence. Imagine how confidently he presented himself with that core confidence.

What Is The Source Of Your Core Confidence?

What do you know that could help other people?

What experience gives you insights other people need?

What skills could you teach to other people?

What resources do you have that could benefit other people?

Which of your connections could help other people get where they want to go?

The answers are the source of your core confidence.

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