Truth Or Propaganda?


Set exposing propaganda as a standard for success.

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Standard For Success: Reveal The Propaganda Behind A “Truth”

Some people want to keep everything for themselves. To avoid sharing what they’ve got, they proclaim “truths” that allow them to keep everything. The examples below reveal different ways of creating “truth”.

Financial Profit #1:

In the music industry, big traditional record companies would keep 80 to 85 percent of revenue for themselves. Recording artists received 15 to 20 percent. Record companies would deduct marketing fees, manufacturing fees, and promotion fees from that 15 to 20 percent. Recording artists frequently ended up with no money and complain. Recording companies would proclaim this “truth” to keep all profit for themselves:

“Be happy you’re famous.”

This “truth” gives the recording companies the comfort of keeping all the profit and the superiority of being able to deny profit to recording artists.

“Pop Stars in Search of a Better Record Deal”
Kristen Schweitzer
Bloomberg Businessweek
December 23, 2013: pages 25-26

Financial Profit #2

One particular home healthcare agency paid less than every other home healthcare agency in one small city. When employees asked for a raise, the owner proclaimed this “truth” to keep most of the profit for herself:

“You have the wonderful memories you create with your clients.”

This “truth” gives the business owner the comfort of keeping her profits high and the superiority of being able to ignore employee needs.

Letter from the business owner to employees.

Professional Profit

An older woman had been working at a company for decades. A young man who had been with the company for a short time began coming to her, asking her how to solve a problem. The younger worker then went back to his work group, proclaiming he had solved the problem. The younger worker’s “truth” gave him credit for the older worker’s experience and wisdom.

LinkedIn discussion

The older worker wanted to know how to stop this.
My suggestion: Instead of giving the information only
to the younger worker, make the information available
for anyone and everyone to read. The younger worker
would get the information at the same time as everyone
else. The older worker would get the credit she deserves.

Definitions of Propaganda

“Defining Propaganda I”
American Historical Association

“Defining Propaganda II”
American Historical Association

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