Solutions For Success: V, W, X

Successful solutions for you to choose from or combine.

Some of the examples are for personal success.
Personal success increases your ability to create other successes.

Some examples are for understanding situations.
Understanding helps you choose effective solutions.

Some examples appear in more than one category.

Make your success more likely by following a path to spectacular success and
using the 26 ingredients for spectacular success.

Paula M. Kramer adds new examples as she finds them.



“The Breakfast Club”
Matt Gardner
City Pages
January 11-18, 2018
(No longer online)

“Why does Veterans Weekly Cup-of-Coffee succeed where other similar groups have failed? Jim Campbell, co-founder of Never Forgotten Honor Flight, thinks it has a lot to do with the organization’s “no BS” approach to its meetings.

If you listen around the table, they’re not talking about killing in the jungles of Vietnam, although that’s sometimes what they talk about, says Campbell, a 33-year veteran of the Marines. Rather, they’re talking about things anyone would talk about—grandkids, how the weather sucks, etc.

But that informality belies the power of these coffee klatch connections. In many ways, the get-togethers have become therapy sessions for some attendees. Campbell says a number of people who attend Veterans Weekly Cup-of-Coffee have since stopped going to post-traumatic stress disorder groups. “This is their counseling and they’re here every week,” Campbell says.

“The Veterans Weekly Cup-of-Coffee Celebrates 11 Years”
Wausau Pilot & Review
March 13, 2023

Hire Patriots


nextgen america



“Floating PV reduces water evaporation in Brazilian reservoir by 60%”
Beatriz Santos
PV Magazine
February 6, 2023


White Supremacy
White Separatist

“Town Tells White Separatist Singers ‘No Hate Here'”
ABC News
September 15, 2006



“Spain’s BRIF”
Bill Gabbert
Wild Fire Today
July 19, 2015

“Relationships Change the World”
Fire Adapted Communities Learning Network



“Erasing Stigmas: Women workers’ unique right, and an inclusive census”
1. Chile
Nick Roll
The Christian Science Monitor
March 28, 2023

“How Singapore is turning multi-storey car parks into farms”
Annabelle Liang
BBC News
July 30, 2022

“Valle de Oro National Wildlife Refuge”
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service



“Conservatives and Liberals Differ in How Aggressively They Recruit Women for Leadership Roles”
Burak Oc
Ekaterina Netchaeva
Maryam Kouchaki
March 3, 2021

“In Egypt, lending apps boost cash-strapped women business owners”
Menna A. Farouk
December 30, 2021

“Erasing Stigmas: Women workers’ unique right, and an inclusive census”
3. Cameroon
Nick Roll
The Christian Science Monitor
March 28, 2023

“Papua New Guinea – “Meri Seif” Women & Girls Safe Bus Transport System”
Alexandra Christy
Women’s UN Report Network (WUNRN)
December 13, 2019

Women Wage Peace


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