The Kyla Trilogy For K-3rd Students


The Kyla Trilogy

One Act Plays

3rd graders performing for K-3rd grade audiences

30 minute performance time

One time PDF download becomes available with purchase.

No royalty fees, but attendance must be free.


Children will have fun performing and watching plays with iguana, dragon, and dinosaur characters.

Character names are color coded to make following the script and learning lines easier.

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I am producing these plays as animated videos. They will be available for free on my YouTube channel, Paula Productions. Because I believe in taking positive actions, I am paying someone to learn animation so she can create my animated videos. She is “excited” to learn animation. Her new skills and her resume with my videos will help her improve her own life and the lives of other people. Positivity promotes payoffs, and I enjoy the payoffs of altruism.

Main character Kyla ages from 4 to 6 over the three plays. She grows emotionally as well, learning relationship skills and problem solving skills necessary for success.

K-3rd students who see The Kyla Trilogy could reduce bullying and violence as they advance through school. Teachers and staff could talk about Iguana and Dragon to remind students about the benefits of good behavior. They could also talk about Dinosaur Allosaurus’s recipe for understanding.


An Iguana Play
3 Scenes

Accepting differences

Making connections for mutual benefit

Facts about common green iguanas

Four year old Kyla is fascinated with iguanas and wants to play with the iguana who comes to visit. But iguanas don’t play. So Kyla learns to make a positive connection to Iguana in spite of their differences.


A Dragon Play
4 Scenes

Why some people bully others

Positive identities improve behavior

Nice behavior reaps rewards

Five year old Kyla is afraid of dragons and wants to understand why dragons act in scary ways. But when Kyla meets Dragon, she’s surprised to learn that bad behavior can hide hurt feelings. Because Kyla is willing to be friendly to Dragon, she learns that making someone feel better can mean getting something she wants.


A Dinosaur Play
4 Scenes

Coping with loss

6 ingredient recipe for understanding

Facts about dinosaurs

Six year old Kyla asks questions about dinosaurs because she wants them to come back and play with her. But when Allosaurus visits Kyla, she’s disappointed that he can’t stay. So Allosaurus gives Kyla a recipe for understanding that dinosaurs can be with her even though they’re gone.







Reinforce the lessons of the iguana and dinosaur plays with the Be A Networker poster.




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