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Seeing, Feeling, & Psychically Reading Auras

Women and Spirituality Conference

September 22-23, 2018

Rochester, Minnesota


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Paula Kramer keeps her aura resources separate from her other pages because of the stereotypes about psychics. A number of people have decided that everything Paula does is tainted because she has psychic skills. Paula wants everyone to take advantage of all the resources that can improve their lives and relationships. She keeps the aura resources separate so people who would feel uncomfortable about them will feel comfortable using the other resources available on this website.

The Aura Workshop Downloads are resources for the aura workshop Paula Kramer does at the Women and Spirituality Conference every year.

Paula begins her aura workshop by having participants do the Space Buttons Brain Gym exercise. This exercise has helped every participant experience the aura in at least one way. Doing the Space Buttons exercise before any aura activity will increase your success. Paula does one Brain Gym exercise a day to keep her brain sharp.

I used to include a link to instructions for doing the Brain Gym exercises, but I discovered the exercises had become unnecessarily complicated. I will post new instructions when I find the easier instructions.

Space Buttons Instructions

Place two fingers on your upper lip.

Place the back of your other hand on your tailbone.

Take 3 deep breaths.

Switch hands and take 3 deep breaths.

Brain Gym Images

Explanations About Auras

Visit the links below to read about auras. You could find other links yourself. Read a variety of information because no one person or organization knows everything there is to know about auras. You might find contradictory information. You’ll find contradictory information about colors in auras in some of Paula’s downloads below. Notice that worldview can determine perspectives on auras.

Token Rock

“Can modern science explain the aura around people?”
Physics Forums

“Japanese Scientists Prove That Auras Actually Exist”
Anna LeMind
Learning Mind

“The Scientific Evidence of Human Aura”
Speaking Tree

“What Is Human Aura?”
Nishant Sharma
BioField Global Research Inc.



Aura Workshop Downloads



Explanation of auras

Three layers in auras

Seven layers in auras and chakras matching the seven layers

Colors in auras



Instructions for feeling auras

Instructions for seeing auras

Instructions for psychically reading auras

Meanings of colors in auras



Different cultures attach the same meaning to different colors.



Illustration of the colors that share cultural meanings.



Instructions for drawing aura portraits



Aura diary page for keeping track of situational factors affecting aura portraits


Images For Aura Portraits






Lunchtime Séance

Séances can be done in a number of ways, not just the ways depicted in movies and television shows. Paula Kramer once did a séance during her lunch hour in a Chicago office.



Commentary On Television Shows

Thought provoking commentary on television shows about ghostly activity.




Better Life Resources

For sleeping better, ending water retention, and reversing age related hair loss:


For your Your Wonder Women Tiara (mindset for breaking glass ceilings by inviting loyalty and limiting backlash):

Girl Grit

For understanding good, bad, and ugly Gossip Power in the workplace:

Gossip Power


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